The mission of the Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) Historical, Educational and Recognition Organization (HERO) is to:

Promote awareness and appreciation of the partnership between government and private industry in the development and maintenance of the Navy’s Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) weapon system.

  • Plan and hold seminars on the subject of the FBM role in strategic deterrence

Encourage understanding and dissemination of the history of the development of the FBM weapons system.

  • Support the Navy Historical Foundation and in particular the ‘Cold War Museum’
  • Support Submarine League history seminars related to the FBM program

Formally recognize the contributions of past and present members of the SSP family.

  • Sponsor the annual SSP Director’s Award
  • Sponsor the annual FBM Achievement Award
  • Sponsor the 50 Years FBM Service Award

Host events that will advance the public’s knowledge and appreciation of the FBM and Strategic Weapons System (SWS) Programs.

  • Host FBM Program anniversary celebrations
  • Support other key SSP and FBM Program events