FBM Program 50th Anniversary Dinner

Below is a gallery of images from the 50th FBM Program Anniversary Dinner in 2005. Click on the thumbnails to view larger versions of the images.

SSP50th414 SSP50th397 SSP50th381 SSP50th376 SSP50th369 SSP50th349 SSP50th344 SSP50th337 SSP50th301 SSP50th299 SSP50th298 SSP50th296 SSP50th287 SSP50th282 SSP50th281 SSP50th278 SSP50th275 SSP50th267 SSP50th254 SSP50th253 SSP50th235 SSP50th232 SSP50th231 SSP50th217 SSP50th196 SSP50th211 SSP50th264